Leslie Kavanagh Costume Designer Located in Toronto

Leslie has been working in the film and television industry for the past 20 years. Working her way up from Costume Assistant to Set Supervisor, Assistant Designer, and now Costume Designer.

Coming from a military family, and having lived and traveled the globe, Leslie has been exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles. Given her love for creating and developing characters she draws on these experiences to help visually bring to life what is written in the script.

Leslie has built much of her career in horror and action-based movies giving her the exposure to stunts, blood, dirt, and destruction. All that she finds so much fun. However, sketch comedy and romantic dramas helped to balance that out.

Specialty costumes, uniforms, period looks, and superhero outfits have led to some of her most rewarding projects, being brought on location to shoot in Ireland, England, and the Dominican Republic.

She says her dream project would be an epic war movie like “Saving Private Ryan” or a “BlackHawk Down”, which are still her favourites.

Leslie holds dual Canadian and British citizenship.

Leslie’s Recent Costume Portfolio